Install Templates

Looks like you're ready to install your new MOT goodies! To make installing your new MOT accessories easier we have made some helpful templates for the products that have keyhole fixings.

For other products please refer to the specificationĀ sheet (located on each product page under the specificationsĀ tab) as there will be a measurement provided for the distance between screw holes.


1. PrintĀ your install template at 100% scale or markĀ holes on a piece of masking tape from theĀ listed measurements.

2. Hang on the wall with a small piece of tape making sure itā€™s level.

3. Drill pilot holes where marked. Use gib or concrete wall toggles if needed.

4. Screw provided screws almost all the way in, leaving 2mm gap so the steel can slot in sturdily.

5. Remove template before installing the hardware.

6. A little silicone can be added to the back for a stronger fix

Please use a builderĀ if any questions arise

*Please double check all measurements before beginning installation as variations between batches can occur.Made of Tomorrow takes no responsibility for any damages made during installation or future damages due to incorrect fixing. All Rights Reserved.Ā