The new MOT Design Studio

The new MOT Design Studio

The new MOT Design Studio

Easily one of the most exciting things in our entire business careers happened this year - we got our very own MOT headquarters! Featuring our perfect office space, showroom and warehousing. Come take a look!

Photos Caleb Walsh

Matt (left), Dan (right) and Billie in the new showroom, featuring the 7ft tall indoor totara tree.

The hunt then began for a new location, somewhere where we could showcase and welcome our customers in to see our full range in person. We wanted the space to be somewhere that would make creating new content easy and be large enough for us to spread out and design new items for the collection. It didn’t take long to find the perfect space, and equally, it didn’t take long to grow out of that space - so within months we had two warehouses, luckily right next to each other.

Now that we have completed the fit-out and build, we just love coming in and opening up the door to see a beautiful and inspiring space. We have hosted a few open days already and it is so nice to meet our customers face-to-face and for them to see our products in person. It makes a huge difference especially as we design more larger pieces like tables and mirrors that look so good in person.

We can’t wait for the next chapter of Made of Tomorrow and we thank everyone for their support so far. We have so many exciting new projects on the go and can't wait to share more when we can!

The monogramming station to customise our stationery in-house has the perfect spot and gets the sun streaming in all day.

Below: Upstairs on the mezzanine level is the office space, meeting area and white wall for photo shoots.

Keen to come and check out the studio and do some browsing and shopping? No worries! Just get in touch beforehand to ensure someone is available to take you through the range.