Escape and Discover

Escape and Discover

Escape and Discover

Embark on an enchanting journey as we explore the captivating world of Canopy Camping, where luxury and adventure intertwine. Unveil the secret ingredient that elevates these extraordinary locations - Made of Tomorrow's chic and versatile interior products. discover how these magical designs have transformed glamping into an unforgettable experience!

Discovering Canopy Camping

Imagine escaping with your loved ones to a secluded, off-the-grid paradise, where modern comforts blend harmoniously with nature's embrace. That vision brought Canopy Camping to life – a curated collection of particular glamping locations across New Zealand. From Otago's rugged landscapes to the serene beauty of the Far North, each handpicked spot exudes charm and an unsurpassed connection to nature.


Unveiling Made of Tomorrow's Magic

Step into the realm of Made of Tomorrow, an interior design powerhouse specialising in homeware and simple shelving solutions. Their products have become an integral part of Canopy Camping Escapes, adding a touch of sophistication to each retreat. From the FOLD Bedside Table to the FOLD Loop Hooks, Towel Holder, and Toilet Roll Holders, Made of Tomorrow's creations transform functional items into stylish statements.

Form and Functionality in Harmony
Featured products: FOLD Bedside Table 

The "Puna Tiny Home" showcases the FOLD Bedside Table, a true blend of form and functionality. This exquisite piece complements the tiny home's cosy charm, providing a convenient spot to stow away essentials while adding to the space's aesthetics.


Elegance and Organisation United
Featured Products: FOLD Loop Hooks, Towel Holder & Toilet Roll Holders

In the heartwarming "Fox Hut," Made of Tomorrow's FOLD Loop Hooks, Towel Holder, and Toilet Roll Holders grace the walls with elegance and practicality. These chic products prove that even hooks can add a touch of sophistication, elevating the ambience of the glamping experience.


Practical and Stylish
Featured Products: FOLD Ledge 900 & FOLD Bedside Table

Venture to the captivating "Koru" retreat, where the FOLD Ledge 900 and FOLD Bedside Table work their magic. The FOLD Ledge 900 adds a sophisticated touch, displaying treasured mementoes and creating an inviting atmosphere. Meanwhile, the FOLD Bedside Table continues to shine as a versatile companion for peaceful nights amidst nature's beauty.


Let your wanderlust guide you to the world of Canopy Camping and Made of Tomorrow. A symphony of style, comfort, and functionality awaits! Next time you embark on an adventure with Canopy Camping Escapes, take a moment to relish the charming details and seamless designs of Made of Tomorrow's products. Whether it's the FOLD Bedside Table or the FOLD Loop Hooks, rest assured that your glamping experience will be elevated to new heights. Adventure awaits, so let your heart be captivated by the allure of glamping in style with Made of Tomorrow. Happy glamping!

Images Courtesy of Canopy Camping